Thursday, April 3, 2008


Flashback to 1980. After Tessa dirtied her clothes playing outside, I put her in an 18 month outfit of mine for fun. (I have a few of my baby clothes my mom kept.) Polyester pants could last through a nuclear fallout out, I swear. Tessa was most concerned with her toes. They were falling out of her shoes. She hasn't really worn sandals, at least that she can remember. These were mine as well.
This shirt gave her easy access to the beep beep belly button. I love this squat position kids do -when they are almost sitting, but not quite. It's got to be a great Achilles tendon stretch.
So, when we were outside playing, I found one of those devil bugs I've flipped out about before. It's not as red as the last one, but it's still freaky. The green one didn't look like anything I recognized. I'm telling you, Texas has a seriously diverse bug population. If you aren't a pansy like me, it might be interesting.

When I was about 7 months pregnant, I decided I wanted to plant tulip bulbs. Understand first of all that my mother has the green thumb. I can grow weeds like nobody's business, but I really am not intelligent when it comes to landscaping and gardening -- even though I'd like to be. When I put in the tulip bulbs, I planted 15 of them across the front of the house amid our serious ground cover. I sat in the dirt for hours chopping at the thick vine roots to get these bulbs in deep enough. In the spring, they all came up. They looked a little sparse and I wished I'd spent the extra money to have put in some more, but at least there was a little color in my front yard. Plus, I'd made something grow! Well, this spring five tulip plants came up. Five. This is my one flower so far. One. What is my problem?!?

So you can imagine when Tessa made her way over to manhandle the pretty "fowar", I quickly ushered her in another direction. I love flowers. I've got to get a clue with this gardening stuff one day.

We were able to snag a free small table and chairs from a neighbor. Thank you! They are a hit. We spent some time coloring and reading there today. Jake and I are going to paint the table/chairs soon, we just aren't sure what color yet.
And finally, Tessa did, in fact, have her doctor appt. yesterday. She weighs 25lbs 4oz and is 2' 8" --three feet shorter than her mama. Jake says that if she keeps growing at this rate, she'll be taller than me before she reaches four. :) Can you imagine? Switched out eyes AND freakishly tall?


Haskins said...

I love that outfit!! I think it is so cute that you had it as a little baby. I love it!

rosebud said...

cute! I have some items like that but I am always afraid to put them on Catalina!!

mary said...

Maren, I have had the same problem with tulips. Our first year I planted dozens, each year fewer and fewer came up. This year none of them came up. Not one! My mom never does anything nad she gets the same tulips every year for over thirty years! I loved Tessa retro outfit! Too cute!

The Farrell Family said...

Sweet outfit Tessa! I love it. Way to go on the Tulip Mrn. Tulips are my fav. :)

Aaron and Lisa said...

Everything is bigger in Texas, right? Even the bugs. :) I hate those wasps!! They are creepy to watch. Pretty fowers, Maren.