Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In action...

In the car: Tessa had a fantastic chocolate chip cookie in the car yesterday. I think her face got this way in about thirty seconds. To keep the chocolate centralized while getting her to say cookie/cokoo on camera, I kept her in her seat for a few minutes after we got home. There is a moment where she just wants me to leave her alone so she starts fake sleeping with her eyes open. I was glad she asked "Dat?! Dat?!" so that some of you know what I've been talking about when she gets on these kicks of wanting to know the name of everything she points to.
On the drum: Wouldn't it be great if toys stayed in this price range for the rest of her life? Creative recycling, I call it.
In other news:
The search for Pampa. Every man with gray hair is now "Pampa". The hippie guy at the park, the Phillipino Orkin man --all it takes is gray hair and Tessa thinks she's finally found Pampa in the flesh. We need to get to Utah soon and visit the real grandpas.
Speaking of the Orkin Man... our left arms go to him on Tuesday. Until then, I just pray that I don't have to see Those Who Must Not Be Named. Kill them. Just kill them. Pump my wall with magical expensive foam and let's be done with it.
Serves me right. I poked fun at people getting lose and loose mixed up, and then today I sent out an email to a class I'm teaching making that very mistake. Head hanging down.
Petunia Party. I planted Petunias. Surely I can keep these renegade flowers alive. Right? Right?
And finally, Fun with Finals. Woooohhoooo! Goooo, Jake! He took one today and is pushing on for two more. The light is up just ahead.


aaron & allee said...

Those are some awesome drumsticks! Tessa is so dang cute! I had to laugh when she started nodding her head in the first video - that is not something we see around here.
Good luck on the rest of your finals, Jake! One more year?

Haskins said...

She is so cute!! I know what you mean about the chocolate it seems to get messy so fast!! I found that licorce works the best in car( little bit size) The video is so cute!!

adrienne said...

Tessa is such a cutie! I love the drum, by the way. I think I'm going to make one for Max.

Talbot Family said...

Sorry about the bugs, if it helps at all, I have mountains of dead boxelder bugs between my screens and windows. Good luck with the petunias, along with geraniums they are my favorite, congrats to Jake (sigh of relief), and I think Tessa looks way older than when I last saw her. Crazy! Shanna blessed her super chunky baby today, it was nice. It made me realize that Tessa is not a baby any more and Adessa is almost to puberty.