Sunday, March 23, 2008


First of all, that was a mad, crazy Tuesday. Rain, rain, and more rain. Partly because of this rain, Mom's flight was delayed on Wednesday night, and she finally came rollin' into our part of town sometime after midnight (after waiting standby all day). .....but she got here safe, so we were very grateful.
Tessa had a rough time after we got back from San Antonio with some kind of an allergic break out (I have no idea what caused it) and four big teeth coming through at the same time. She wouldn't eat much and was just not herself. Can't blame the kid. Anyway, by the time Grandma L. got here, things had settled down for Tess and she was all smiles with an occasional high pitched scream.
We took Mom/Grandma to the Dallas Aboretum on Thursday. Wow, that's a pretty place. The red tulips were my favorite. My mom was in gardening heaven and was naming just about every plant before she saw the plaque in front of it. We enjoyed bare feet on the soft, soft grass (a first in Texas for me, since I'm usually afraid some devil bug will eat me) and the brilliant flower colors.
Tessa and I took Mom/Grandma to downtown McKinney for a stroll on Friday morning. I love that place. I think I enjoy the architecture and ambiance the most, but I think my mom loved all the antique stores on top of that. We enjoyed time and pizza with some of Mom's in laws a couple of towns away when Jake could finally join us after school and law review responsibilities. That night after baby bedtime, we dyed Easter eggs.
Saturday we celebrated Easter. We all took off for the Dallas Zoo (Jake and I hadn't been there before). Last year we started the tradition of going to the zoo every year during Easter weekend, so this fit right in with Mom here. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. I saw a few animals/birds I'd never seen before, which is a strange thing to realize when you've been to plenty of zoos and act like you've seen it all. We had a picnic/barbeque in the park in the evening, and Tessa hunted for eggs. She loved toting that basket around and filling it. I hid the 12 hard boiled eggs we'd dyed the night before and Grandma took her around to find them for half the time, Jake the other half. Her favorite thing to do was to sit down and survey what was in the basket so far and then grab two eggs and beat them together. Some animal enjoyed all the hard boiled eggs chunks that ended up in the garbage last night, I'm sure. Grandma L. gave Tessa a lovely bubble bath when we got home and read some stories before saying goodbye. Jake took Mom to the airport at about 5AM this morning. I reluctantly yeah, right stayed in bed.
Games, chocolate, movies, playing, chatting..... we filled up Mom's time here. I'm really glad she was able to come.
March has been a lot of fun.

Happy Easter to all of you.

I'm copying Rosemary and including a picture of Tessa last Easter. I chose this one because of the awesome drool drip making its way to my face.


aaron & allee said...

What a fun Easter weekend! I am glad your mom was able to come out for a visit! Your pictures from the arboretum are so pretty! I haven't seen anything blooming like that here quite yet...Easter came much too early in the year. McKinney sounds like a fun place to explore. I am going to have to pull out a map of Texas to find out where all of these places are. Where do you hope to go after law school?

Haskins said...

That is so fun that your mom came to see you! I always loved it when my mom would come and visit us too. Glad you had a good easter!

Matt Melissa and Gabe said...

sounds like an eventfun and joyful weekend woot to the fun weekend

Maren said...

Al- We will most likely be here in the Dallas area for some years to come. It's not so bad. :)