Thursday, March 27, 2008

"I Want My Two Dollars!"

The Spirit of San Antonio. Maybe he needed a churro. I have this charge from our debit card for two dollars. I have no clue where it came from. First of all, I have to tell you, I'm meticulous about our checking account. I've always beent this way. Last year we had a friend staying with us who, in conversation, said, "With debit cards and online banking, who writes down anything in a check book anymore?"
"I do," I answered.
"No. I mean writes down every single purchase they make."
"So do I. As crazy as it sounds, I do."
I like knowing exactly how much is available at any given time. I don't care if it doesn't make much sense, even to my husband. It makes sense to me. I like to keep track.
So, when we got back from our trip and I was comparing what I had in my checkbook with my online banking, there was one purchase that I didn't have written down. It was for two dollars on the first day we were there and said it was from the "Spirit of San Antonio". Jake and I googled the phrase and can't for the life of us figure out the charge. We're okay to go ahead and eat this two bucks, but I'm hoping the Spirit of San Antonio doesn't get the urge to buy a big screen television.


rosebud said...

I'm with you -- I balance my "checkbook" online at least once in the AM and once in the PM -- hate getting zinged by the forgotten stuff and am paranoid about surprises. And don't you forget I am meticulous about spending every little penny in that checking account every month! :)

adrienne said...

I'm just as meticulous with the checkbook, which is why Jeff and I have separate checking accounts. (He gets an "allowance" since I handle the money and bills) :) He just doesn't keep track of his receipts very well, so in order to avoid a lot of nagging and fighting we have always had our separate accounts. You'd think being an accountant he would be as anal about money as I am!! ;)

Lori said...

I like the Spirit of San Antonio picure, good job! I think what happened is that you have an unaware to you donation attatched to something you bought somewhere in San Antonio. Kinda like when you go to Kmart and they ask you if you want to donate a dollar to the march of dimes, except the Spirit of San Antonio didn't ask first. Jerk.

Miss Allie & Co. said...

Hmmmm---did you use an ATM while there at San Antonio? Maybe they later charged you those tacky "service charges" or whatever they're called. Don't you hate those kind of things?

And by the way, I've missed you in RS! I know YW's is fun, but I miss seeing your happy face and listening to your little miss's grunts.