Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tessa's Spring Show 2015

This year, Tessa Plano Dance Theatre Spring Show was a twist on Mary Poppins. It took the line from the movie where Burt says it had all happened before and shows how Mary was HIS nanny when Burt was a child and changed the course of his life as well. Tessa tried out for a part and got one of the leads! She was thrilled. She played Ernestine --basically a version of Jane from Mary Poppins. She worked really hard, and we were very proud of her. Jake was asked to take part in the musical again this year as Artie the artist and Burt's dad, and he did a fantastic job. Most importantly, though, he was able to spend some wonderful daddy daughter time on this production with Tessa. It was good fun for both of them.

Artie (Jake), Ernestine (Tessa), Burt, and Mary Poppins (Ms. Sharon) before they jump into the chalk drawings:

 Some other part...
 Feed the birds:
 My dress rehearsal date:
 She's a cutie. And she loved it. My kids do pretty well in the theater early on. She'll be ready to go to the actual show with me next year.

 Outside the theater:
 My dates for the actual show: Anna and Cole.
 Tessa's teacher, Ms. McAffrey, came to see her. I was so impressed by that, and it meant the world to Tessa.
 These girls are the best. They are so supportive of each other at such an early age.
 My "bigs".
 Let's go fly a kite!
 Tessa, Mommy, and Gavin:
 Burt and Ernie:

 Mary Poppins. Practically perfect in every way.

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krista atkinson said...

I absolutely love everything about this! What a great idea for a production. I am impressed with Tessa.