Saturday, September 26, 2015

May and June 2015

Tessa's show, prepping for the end of school, and getting Grandma and Grandpa situated ate up our May, and I think my massive waddling self trying to prepare for the baby ate up June. I did my best.


Kids. I dunno beyond that. I'm guessing it's a bug. 

 Jake and the kids discovered a turtle in the backyard one evening while I was gone. All the rain had animals appearing where they wouldn't usually. Jake took him back down to the nature preserve.

This was the beginning of June when all my good intentions of summer activities reached a realistic halt, and I threw them outside with some chalk.
 Dad took the bigs to the office. He put them to work.

 This is a picture of a sign at the park. You know, one of those tall signposts? The water was THAT HIGH. It was insane. The rain just kept coming and coming and coming.
Reassurance that we didn't need to build an ark:

My love to dress up children:

She's not tired, and she doesn't want a nap.

We got some stone landscaping done around. I'm pleased with the outcome. 
Plus, Cole has big muscles.
This is actually the start of July here. It was hot. I was really pregnant. I tossed the bored kids outside one morning to play with chalk until they complained about the heat too.