Thursday, March 12, 2015

Utah Trip 2014

I've got to get moving on this catching up. This is getting ridiculous...
JULY 2014
How's about a whole lotta pictures to sum up our Utah/Idaho trip?!?!
 Grandma and Grandpa McBride's house. Check out that lovely, soft, fire ant free grass. The top pic is Tessa, Grace, and Cole playing in the water. Below, we've got Simone, Cole, Tessa, Grace, Ian, and Joseph.
 The McBride cuzzies:
Blowing bubblegum bubbles.
 Basic awesome spazzes.
 Sadie and Abby:
 The boys playing soccer with Jake and Matt:
 Fourth of July in Brigham City!

 At Grandma Lori's in Preston. Gigi and Jojo:

 Grandma D. and Sadie Kay:
(I LOVE this picture.)

If you have an open bowl of fruit around, or unattended cookies, it's your own fault if Paige finds them and  has her way.

Playing in the "crick":

 Gigi and Jojo at Grandpa and Grandma Rich's house:

 Swimming in the kiddie pool.

 Breanna with the little gals.
 Squish this cuzzie face!
 Our kids and Gracie at the Christ statue at Temple Square in SLC.
 The LDS Conference Center:

 Salt Lake City Temple, where mum and dad were married --four chilluns later:

 Tessa doing a "natural" pose for the camera, Cole, Grace, Adam, Sadie, Joseph, Kanon, Paige, and Ian.

 McBride family in the mountains. Paige with Unca Matt.
 Cole, Tessa, Simone, and Grace playing who-knows-what and having a great time doing it.

 Tessa, Grace, Joseph, Grandma McBride:
Tasty thumb.
 Tasty food.
 Nathan, Mary, Matt, Grandpa, with Paige in the middle.
 Doing what she does best.

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