Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lake Time with the Jensens!

In September, we met up with the Jensens, who we hadn't seen in much too long to play at Lake Eufala in Oklahoma. The weather was absolutely lovely, and the company even better.
Peter and Cole. Da boys (minus Isaac. Where did he go?)
 Cole was clearly ready for the lake a fifth of a mile down the sandy path. Safety first.
To the lake!

Naomi and Sadie. How cute are these chubby thighed madams?

 Dad and Paige.
 Me taking a picture of Dianna taking a picture of Naomi.

 The lake was the perfect temperature, and the shallow water and soft sand went out for a long time making it much easier to keep after all the littles. We loved it.

 Peter was timed out. I have pictures of my own kids timed out on vacation that I find funny, so I figured I could add this one. :)
Alan tossed (and I mean tossed) kids up high out further into the water one day. Seriously awesome.
Flying Isaac:
 Mommy and Sades:
 Peter the Flying Grasshopper:
 Dianna and Naomi:

 Cole getting some serious air. String bean kids are easy to throw.

Little Mermaid:


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