Monday, September 13, 2010

A Wedding Post- part 1

Ahhhhhh. ...Wait, who?
That's better.
Wouldn't you be careful about spelling if you put names up on your marquee for special events? Oh well, they were quick to take care of it.
My little brother got married over Labor Day weekend. Hooray for weddings! With good food!
And dancing!
The day before the wedding, there was a rehearsal and then lunch at Jeremiah's in Ogden. It was a breakfast lunch, and it was awesome. I think I could eat French toast for every meal if it came from there.
Next day: We were staying with my dad at this point, so we visited in between the craziness. Tessa got to play with more cousins and could have sealed herself off in the playroom and lived happily ever after. She also made the most out of the trampoline. Jake went off to play golf that morning with my brother and the best man. We played, lost a cousin, found the cousin, and then got ready for the festivities. Tessa was the flower girl.

She dropped flower petals but bent over to either collect them up or rearrange them. No idea.
Jake was a groomsman, and I did my best to keep Cole from ripping the camera out of my hands during the ceremony. It was a struggle.
A very kind bishop married them. It was a sweet ceremony.
The off center kiss shot was Cole's fault, but I kind of like it that way.
Below is Breckin. He is Chelsy's six year old son. He's adorable and funny. He was the ring bearer.
Getting the rings untied...
The sun was so bright and hot. I can imagine that the black shoed wedding party thought their toes were going to melt. Here is the couple being presented officially as Mr. and Mrs.
They did their pictures right after the ceremony, so I hung around and took a few for me.

The wedding party.
I got a shot of a dapper Dad and Sandy.
I love this picture. The whole wedding party put on sunglasses for the photographer--a wise move, but I just got a pic of these two.
Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs.
Love to you always.
I have a new sister in law and nephew, and also a new brother in law and two more nephews and a niece all added in a couple of months. That's a big expansion. It's a wonderful expansion. More people for me to love.... and irritate.


Jennie Gee said...

Tessa looks beautiful in his puffy dress! Love her hair! After Brittany's wedding, she'll be a pro. Maybe you could hire her out as a flower girl...

Jen said...

beautiful pictures and I love Tessa's dress and halo flower thingy in her hair ;) so glad it went so well

Kelley Rae said...

What beautiful pictures, and what a sweet flower girl. She is such a doll!!

Lori said...

You took some great pictures! That Tessa sure is a beauty.