Friday, September 17, 2010


We attempted a big family picture on Jake's side since there are more of us than there were last time.
There wasn't an original color coordinating plan, so we didn't pack accordingly. We found out later that everyone was going to go with greens, tans, and browns. The kids had something that would work because of presents from Gma, but Jake and I did not. So, on Labor Day while going through Logan on our way back to SLC, we dropped into Cache Valley Mall, zeroed in on anything green and brown, tried on a couple shirts, bought one, and ran out. We got to SLC just in time to change and head over to the park for Great Grandpa to take our pictures. I'd never speed shopped before. I can't believe it worked.
We will need to try the immediate family picture thing again soon when there isn't sun filtering through leaves lighting on our faces. These aren't the picture from Great Grandpa's camera. He was nice enough to pick up mine after he was done with his own camera.
Not quite everyone ready in this one. Jake must have something in his teeth.

There was another big group shot that I deleted. Kanon told me that Cole had boogers coming out of his nose, so, like a good mom, I went to pinch his nose and get it off before the next picture. At the same time I was doing that, Cole decided it was what we were all doing and grabbed Kanon's nose. It was a good group photo beyond our ruining it.
This one isn't bad. We are all looking the right direction, which is harder than it sounds.

My favorite:
(I think Cole was going back for a second squeeze on Kanon's nose.)
Da boys:
The debs:
The cuzzies:
(Grace worked it for the camera by putting her hands on her hips and wiggling her hips.)
The cousins with Great Grandpa. What a wonderful man.
Up Jonathan's nose: (If you didn't know, both Jake's little brother's and my little brother's names are Jonathan.)
The spaz brown and green:
I wore this sweater on the way home the next day, but when I stepped foot outside the airport in Dallas, I was hit with a hot wall of humidity. See you in December, sweater.


rosebud said...

What a beautiful family!! I cannot believe how quickly your children are growing!!

Lori said...

These are great pictures! Awww, that little Coley looks so cute in his green plaid shirt sitting on his daddy's knee. Great family picture, I'm copying it!

Marilyn said...

All very nice photos, but the first one of your little fam is the best. What a bunch of cuties!
I must say, I'm a little jealous - the last time all my family was together for pics was the summer of 2006. Lucky Steve and Darcy!

Heidi said...

Having lived in Arizona for so long, I feel for you having to ditch the sweater again for a while. Even here where we live now, it's been too muggy and warm for sweaters. Anyway, those are fantastic family pictures. It's so hard to get good pictures with such a big group, but you guys pulled it off!

PixieGirl said...

I love these fun to see them all together:)

Kelley Rae said...

You look darling! You're pretty good at the speed shopping thing ;) Family pictures always crack me up, I don't think it's possible to have one that is great of everyone, that's why I'm glad they invented photoshop! Looks like you pulled it off though - so fun!