Thursday, August 26, 2010


In the last few months we've starting mixing up where we go for playgroup each week. I'm pleased that we have because the kids have benefitted from the fun of variety, and really, moms can chat anywhere. Here we have a couple of pictures from the Heritage Farmstead from a few weeks ago mixed in with the fountains at the Dallas Arboretum yesterday. And what a beautiful day to spend outside. It was so much cooler than it's been, and there was even a breeze. Hallelujah! The Arboretum is gorgeous. However, I didn't pull out the camera until the very end when we played in the fountains. The battery died after a few pics, but I was able to catch the kids loving the water.
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Jennie Gee said...

You guys ended up going to the Arboretum yesterday? Darn it! I should have called you. I thought that you wouldn't go because of the rain.

djensen said...

Fun times, didn't that hurt their little knees? I am always suprised what Peter is willing to crawl on!

Lori said...

What an awesome mom to take the kids to playgroup each week. And such fun places to go! Lucky kids.