Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pioneer Day!

Growing up in Utah, the 24th of July was almost a bigger celebration than the 4th. The 4th of July kicked off the month long patriotic, firework, picnic fun with pride in our country, and then the 24th tied it all together with pride in our heritage and our state. I have great memories of Pioneer Day.
However, since we've lived in Texas, obviously we don't have anything going on the 24th. We changed that this year. We celebrated the heritage part of the holiday and had a mini parade. And it was cute. Kudos to Woody the Grand Marshall of the parade. Not all 16 year olds would agree to do this. He is awesome.
Tessa had a basket of candy so she could throw pieces to the people watching.....parents and a couple kids. I told her to throw the candy at people when she passed them. She took me a little too literally with the "at." She would stop in front of a kid, grab a piece or two and then huck that candy at their face from less than three feet away. Since it was candy, though, a shot to the face was easily forgiven.

Then it was time to attack the Grand Marshall with the water balloons. I think they were to be used for games, but this was much more fun.

We had a jam packed fun day. Not only did we have our breakfast and parade, but we had a birthday party, ward party, and our Muskogee fireworks show. It was wonderfully tiring.

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Kelley Rae said...

What a fun celebration! I love that everyone got into so much. I had to laugh at the thought of Tessa "huck"ing candy at people Ü