Sunday, June 20, 2010

Utah Vacay

I braved the trip with the kids alone. We had a fantastic time. We really missed Jake, but we were able to make the most out of our week and had just about every moment planned. We'll all be headed back again in the fall for mi hermano's wedding, but we hadn't been to Utah since October, and that is just tooooooo long for my kiddos not to see all the relatives. So, we were off.
The flight there = not bad, but not ideal. There was some crying involved.
I'm sure I looked like a total joke going through the airport, though. Jake helped me up to security. I decided that I would just do carry on luggage. I CAN'T STAND paying for checked luggage, so I packed light for the three of us. It was me with a sit and stand stroller (Bubs in his carseat) and then a rolly polly suitcase with two small duffels strapped to it. I felt like a train plowing to my gate. Pushing the stroller with one hand and pulling the luggage with the other. I quickly learned that one wheel doesn't work on the rolly luggage. That wheel is now worn half away from my dragging.
We arrived in much cooler weather than we left, but it was still nice. We started out at Jake's parents and had two evenings with the aunts, uncles, and cousins. Tessa was in heaven. She avoided me like the plague because she was afraid I was going to make her go home.

There are lotsa pictures!

Matt and Mary's family found baby ducks a little while ago and have been taking care of them until they can be released and survive on their own. They are a lot more exciting than the tortoise we found in our alley the night before we left for Utah.

Tessa got to hold a couple of the ducks and was talking about the duck Simone named "Cinderella" for quite some time after. Cole just wanted to get in the duck water.
Fun at Nate and Kel's! Those snakes....seriously. Too funny. Tessa and Simone walked around with the "snake scarves" on for most of the evening.

The cousins:
The girls: (Skirts and dress courtesy of Grandma. Oh, the talent.)
I like this picture. I especially like Cole's massive grin.
I was grateful to be able to see a couple of friends during the crazy week. On the way to Dad and Sandy's, we went to see Ashley and her family. They are moving to London soon. I can't believe it. Yes, I can. It will be fabulous for them. What an adventure! Time to start saving for a trip, I guess.
What you are missing from this picture was what was happening a few minutes before. The girlies were sitting on the higher step. Both boys started swirling their bare feet in the sisters' hair, which resulted in pulled hair and tears. John got some pictures. Sorry little girls, but it was hilarious.
My paternal grandparents had not yet met my son, so we went on over with Dad one afternoon. I'm so glad. I asked about family history stories and got some stuff written down, but I think I need a solid week with these two to really get started. We do what we can do. I've always loved and respected my grandparents, but we haven't been close throughout my life. However, though I don't see them often, I feel closer to them now as an adult. This day I was able to really talk with my grandma. I can't recall having many/any deep conversations with her before, so it did my heart an immense good.
Dad and Sandy hosted quite the barbeque. I'm so thankful. My sister and her fiance and both sets of kids, my brother and his fiance, Sandy's kids and their spouses and children were all there. So why didn't I get more pictures of everybody? Because I'm a dummy. There was not enough time to talk to everyone as much as I wanted to. I did get these:

Here is Kenzie Lou Who with Cole. She just graduated highschool. Woot to her!

Grandpa and then Grandma with the kids:

They just finished a toy room downstairs. Tessa made it clear that she could live there if someone tossed food down to her once in a while.
On to Preston, ID.
Mom's house. It was a beautiful evening when we showed up, but the rain came later and would not go away. I love how excited Tessa looks to use the watering can.
It just would not be Grandma Lori's house if we didn't take time to make sure all the plants and flowers were taken care of.
Now here's a happy one:

Grandma Lori and Papa Duke have a cat. That cat is a celebrity in Tessa's eyes.
My maternal grandparents live in Preston, basically around the corner from Mom. We were able to have good visits with them, and I had a great time helping out with a project.
Then, the night before we had to leave, my mom planned a family get together in Layton. I had not seen some of these cousins for years. Only a few were unable to make it, but I was certainly grateful to see those who could. There just wasn't enough time!
The rain was coming down, and it was COLD. There was a fireplace there, so soon after we arrived, Mom, the kids, and I took off to buy firewood. Let's just say that things kept going wrong and it wasn't my shining moment. I thought my brain was going to explode. Finally, almost an hour later, there was a fire and we were eating and visiting.
Tessa had a different idea of fun. She was out rolling in the wet grass and rain and chasing her cousin Dallen. I could not keep her in the pavillion. She's lucky she didn't get sick, crazy kid.

Papa Duke keeping Cole warm:
My attempt at a group picture:
You try getting these yayhoots (I've never thought about trying to spell that word, but it sure looks all wrong) to all pose for a picture together. Not easy. We're scattered around. I was using my timer, so Jon and Chelsea have my kids back there.
Here's Grandma D, Cole, Mom, and Breanna.
That night we headed back to Jake's parents to sleep and then took off early the next morning. We saw a lot of people we love in a short amount of time. We had an eager daddy to get back to, though. We got the luggage train loaded back up again and had a pleasant flight home. Tessa met a friend and sat in the empty seat next to her. Cole fell asleep, and I happened to have a row with extra leg room. Bonus.


rosebud said...

How fun! Our trip is coming soon. I am in LOVE with those dresses and skirts!!

Jen said...

so much fun! next time I am going to time it so I can at least waive to you from the side of the freeway as you zoom past ;)

Kelley Rae said...

Holy Cow! That's quite the trip. And all on your own too, that's impressive . . . bordering crazy . . . but impressive none the less :)