Thursday, June 3, 2010


Do any of you fellow (public) bloggers have any Chinese admirers? I sure do. For the last five or so blog posts, I've gotten a comment in Chinese. These comments have a link put in them, also in Chinese. I haven't clicked. I don't read Chinese. I've got a hunch they have nothing to do with me. I delete them as soon as I can. I'm sure it's something harmless like a fantastic deal on electronics, but it could be something else.....and I'm just not willing to find out. I thought about printing them out and giving them to a girl I teach in Young Women who takes Chinese at school to have her teacher translate. But then I thought better of it. There's a chance my Chinese admirers/spammers aren't rated PG.
So here's a question I'm throwing out there: How do I stop the spamming commenter? I have the word verification for comments already. Do I just suck it up and delete the comment when it invariably shows up? Anybody else have this issue? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


PixieGirl said...

I've never had that problem, but Rick knows Chinese. He can translate for you if you want???

djensen said...

Nope, no Chinese comments on our blog...they must really like you! :) I think there is a way to set your blog so that all comments have to be approved by you before they show up on the blog...but I don't know how to stop them...sorry!