Thursday, January 28, 2010

It COULD have been a crummy past few days....

but it wasn't. I could chalk it up to keeping a fairly positive attutide, but it certainly wasn't all me. So, thanks to everyone out there who kept it happy.
(This blog draft has been 5/6 of the way ready to publish for a few days it's a little late.)

I'll explain.

First. My boy. So sweet. He had his 6 month appointment. He is not gaining weight like he should. Get fat, Cole! Nothing to freak out about yet, but he has gone from the 95 percentile in weight when he was born to..... the 16th percentile. He has remained in the 90th percentile for height. He weighed in last week at 15lbs 9oz. The doc was going through a range of what could happen. She said that she wanted me to talk to a lactation consultant first, but that we might end up trying this: not feeding Cole until he has no choice but to take a bottle (since he WILL NOT take one and apparently I'm not putting enough junk in his trunk). The thought of starving my 6 month old until he either starved or took a bottle, and not having any chance to wean had me in tears on the way home. I called the lactation consultant.

I went in to see Vicki the LC rockstar the next morning to weigh Cole and to have a chat. Her scale is right on with the hospital's regulated scale and Cole was 5oz heavier than he had been at the pediatrician. Unusually big jump from the day before, but she said hers was on and sounded better. 15lbs 14 oz. After some advice on different things to try, I left feeling hopeful with my stomach in less of a guilt wad about the situation. We'll see Vicki again next week. I'm feeling good about it. Jake and I are pretty sure baby boy's diet went wrong with the soy. We have both been doing better since I ran the other direction from it. He's happy and likes to eat a lot, so we'll keep our fingers crossed.
Second. Yesterday I had to get over to UTD to pick up some textbooks for my job. I had both kids with me. We were almost there when CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK --the memory of a woman pulled up next to me the day before popped in my head. "Your back tire is really low on air," she said.

"Thanks!" I replied, fully intending to tell the husband to help me take care of it that night. Turns out it takes more than intention to get a job done.

photo c/o
I immediately pulled over across from the UTD campus. A truck was pulling out right as I got out of the car. The man inside rolled down his window and asked if i needed help. "Yes. I do." He got out and starting changing the tire. A friend of his pulled up a minute later and said he had a better jack. They had the donut tire on in minutes. They told me that the donut looked low and made sure I had a plan as to what I was going to do. They told me where the closest tire place was and left.

I drove across the street to pick up the books before heading to the tire store. I could feel that my donut tire was flat before I even saw it. (Tessa made sure to tell the girl we picked books up from that she was hungry. She then asked for a doughnut. Little confused after all this talk about a donut.) So, emergency lights on, we slowly went on our way toward Discount Tires. A guy pulled up next to me at one of the stop lights and honked for my attention. "Do you need any help?" he asked. I told him I was on my way to Discount Tires. He made sure I knew the way and even made sure I got there okay before he sped off.

They helped me out at the tire store, and after a little over an hour at the nearby McDonald's (nothing like trying to figure out what your 6 month old is okay to eat at Micky D's) and having Jake join us after work, I was on my home. Before I left, though, the tire guy made sure my donut was fixed for any future use.

I felt so taken care of.

Third. I went in to get a crown done on Thursday. That can be an unpleasant and expensive visit. My dentist and staff took such good care of me. I went with a dentist who came highly recommended. I know why. Dr. Pollard likes his patients to know what is going on with their teeth. I appreciate that.

photo c/o brucefongsblog

Although still expensive, they made the whole experience as positive as possible. It's never fun to have your mouth wrenched open for a couple of hours so a drill can grind down your tooth. However, when they make sure you are comfortable with a pillow, warm enough with a blanket, adequately lip moisturized, in control regarding how much nasty nitro you inhale, skip the temporary crown and make and bond the permanent tooth right there in the office, it makes it easier. They also injected some stuff where I'd been numbed to make it de-numb faster.

Then to top it all off, they gave me a strawberry shake on the way out. And a flower. I briefly wondered if I should hug everyone in the office and thank them for the date.

And now I have one crown that looks like it belongs in my mouth and was worth the expense......and one crown that doesn't from about 7 years ago. Your days are numbered, Terrible Crown o mine.


Andy said...

Days like that really renew your faith in humankind, don't they?
This is Marilyn, babysitting for Heidi)

Lori said...

There has never been a time in my life where somebody wasn't magically there to help me when I needed it. I always hope that I can be there for someone who needs help to repay the kindnesses I have been shown. We are really blessed that there is so much love and caring around us. I am very grateful that you were helped by so many with the hardships you had in the last week. By the way, how did Cole like McDonald's?

Jennie Gee said...

What a week! I'm sorry for all that mess. Hang in there with Cole. I'm sure things will turn around in the eating department. Just remember that he is such a happy baby! That's what really matters.

I go to Dr. Pollard also- He's awesome. We've been really happy with their office. I like the flower too. I've never gotten a shake though. I'll have to ask about that next time.

The Egans said...

Man what a week!!! I'm glad everything worked out okay and I'm so glad that there are nice people in the world that look after and help others! I'm always scared of being stranded and no one is there to help! I'm glad that didn't happen to you!
Good luck with Cole and the eating. I've been there. It's so stressful! It will work out! I miss you!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the positive attitude! You definitely are making lemonade with those lemons!

Maranda said...

I read the top of the post and at first thought you might be complaining...I should have known:) You have got to be THE most positive woman out there! How do you do it?

I hope things get better for you in the feeding dept. How is your supply? There are a few things you can do to increase the supply if that is a problem. I am definitely not all knowing, but I had problems with weight gain with our first...turned out he wasn't getting enough and I had to try to increase the supply.

Well, I hope this next week is better for you:)

Jen said...

so glad things are working out and there are everyday heroes out there giving hope to others. You are amazing!

Kelley Rae said...

Ugh - what awful luck! But your dentist's office sounds great - Mark has had three crowns/root canals in the last two months, I'm not a fan of the bill!

Krista said...

Flat tires - I HATE 'UM! How is Cole doing?