Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 2009

Who takes only two pictures of their kids on Christmas morning? Me. There was a third, but it was fuzzy. Two. That's it. Boo.
But, to give myself a little credit, we did use the video camera for the first time in eons to get Tessa's reaction upon discovering what Santa brought her.

Santa brought both kids some wheels. And the Tiana dress? We'd been hearing about that thing for two solid months, so I'm glad Santa FINALLY brought it. Especially since the list of Tiana accessories was getting longer a few days before Christmas.

We had a laid back Christmas morning. It was really nice. We stretched the morning into 5 hours. Santa, breakfast, our presents to kids, playing with toys, web cam openings with grandparents, me snarfing down peppermint bark Dove dark chocolates, etc. You prepare for Christmas for so long, and I don't like that it seems to be over in 20 minutes on Christmas morning. So, this particular morning was perfect. So fun.
The night before, we had some friends over for Christmas Eve dinner. None of us had family around this year, so I'm grateful that they were okay coming over and playing family with us. One of the things we did was read about Christ's birth and act out the Nativity.
Aren't these two some of the cutest shepherds you've seen in a while? I love that they each brought their own sheep. Two in herd is plenty.

Since Cole was the baby who was awake, he took on the role of baby Jesus. He had a great time watching the kids. The three dads present agreed to be the wise men since we were short staffed.

Here is the angel checking out the manger scene and telling Joseph about how her back aches:

Actually, there were some very sweet moments of reverence in our short reading and reenactment -- another happy memory from this year.


Sue Dickman said...

Hi--I wanted to let you know that I got a J.Crew package meant for you and think you may have gotten (or will be getting) a package meant for me. I'd like to touch bases about it, as my item is otherwise sold out. My email address is on my blogger profile.

Thanks in advance.

Sue Dickman

p.s. Your kids are very cute.

Angie said...

Too cute! Most of our Christmas pictures came out blurry. It is so hard to take still pictures of kids opening presents. Thank heavens for videos on our digital cameras. I love your comments. I laughed so hard about, Julie telling Joseph all about her back problems. HILARIOUS!

Marilyn said...

Sounds like your Christmas and mine were family-less. But isn't it great to have that larger circle of family to rely on? Or is it "on which to rely"? Happy New Year, you cute Texans!

djensen said...

I love adopted families! We miss you guys, I am so glad Christmas was fun and relaxing for you!

Jen said...

what a great christmas season ;)

Lori said...

Only two pictures, but the happiest faces you could have captured! Cole looks so big in that picture, he is growing up too fast!

The Godfrey's said...

I only have one picture of Gabes first Christmas, and it is of him crawling on the ground looking up at the dogs bum... Yours are at least good photos.