Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Music to my ears

We had such a lovely conference weekend. Very uplifting and centering. I am grateful.
Sunday morning Tessa was in a singing mood. We needed to share:
Here's her version of Peter Cottontail... which is a version of my Peter Cottontail. (It's been a long time since elementary school.)

A performance is not complete without the trusty ABC's. Always a hit with the grandparents:
And our last song is semi frightening. She managed to take a sweet Jason Mraz song that I love to hear her sing and sang it in a demon possessed style. (It cracks me up. If you need something nicer, Peter Cottontail above will have to do. :) )
To conclude, she provided a short dance time afterward where we saw many of Tessa's famous arabesques.

In other news: Jake passed his required ethics exam to practice law. That's good.
I'm expanding and getting my gut kicked like you wouldn't believe every night. "He gonna be a soccer player; he is."
We are still working on Tessa's new big girl room. We've got it painted green, the curtains up, her bed and bedding in there, her coloring table and chairs painted, the futon that doesn't fit anywhere else, and then I'll be starting on my Mod Podge project for the walls tonight. Pictures will come eventually. Then we've got to figure out what we're going to do with baby boy's room. We came up with an awesome list of theme ideas yesterday that had me laughing so hard I cried. I don't think we should go with any of them.
I didn't post any jokes for April Fool's Day this year, and truth be told, we were pretty lame for April Fool's Day overall. However, it didn't stop us from laughing at ourselves again from last year's post.
The countdown is getting serious, everyone. Jacob's graduation is NEXT MONTH. Can you believe it? I can.

If I don't get to it later, Happy Easter, everyone. What a beautiful time of year. (Unless it's STILL snowing for those of you in Utah. Blech, and sorry.)

Happy birthday to my little brother.


The Farrell Family said...

Look out American Idol, here comes Tessa! She really made that Jason Moraz song her own. :) Too funny. What a cutie pie. Brighton was a big fan of Peter Cottontail and we are now singing it at our house.

adrienne said...

I prefer the snow to the hot of summer, so summer can take as long as it wants to get here. That Tessa is a pretty funny little girl.

Lori said...
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Lori said...

So cute! I loved the Peter Cottontail, once again Tessa is showing her multi-talent by singing and dancing(hopping) at the same time! ABC IS always a favorite, and always getting better. About that last song, are you sure she isn't listing to KORN or some other angry white man music on the side? So funny, always the entertainer!

Bethany & Huey said...

Ok, Tessa is SO cute! The Jason Mraz song was my favorite of hers. I think she may have something with that version...

Mindy said...

That is awesome Jake is graduating. I know you both are so excited! It's great to move on to the next stage of life! Tessa is too darn cute!

Ranell and Brandon said...

Hahaha I love her version of Jason Mraz! And I cant wait to see these new bedrooms you are working on.

djensen said...

She is quite the entertainer...I wonder where she gets that from? :) If you need/want help with the pictures, let me know!

Rasmussen Forever said...

Cute videos. She's a future star in the making. I'm happy things are going well for your family. Happy Easter to you too. Snow comes and goes. Yesterday it was gone, but tonight it's coming back. Ugh! I'm glad the weather is better there. Have a fabulous weekend.

Fitzgerald Family said...

What's up the the demon voice? Anna does that too. I'll tell you what, "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" is a little creapier these days. Anna loved to see those videos, it helps when you're quarantined. Thanks for sharing!

Talbot Family said...

John and I were laughing so hard at the video clips. She speaks really well. Congrats to Jake. I hope that you get organized soon, I know how it feels to not be organized. Happy Easter to you!