Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rewind to December

I told you I'd eventually get to this. :) Tessa had a little birthday party at the beginning of December when she turned two years old. We all had a really good time and were grateful to her friends' parents for coming along with their kids and helping us celebrate.

Princesses and cupcakes. It doesn't get much better than this.
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Kelly said...

Guys, we miss you already! It was so fun to spend time with you and that cute little Tessa. She is such a doll. I have to say that I still love the scrunched nose smile that she gives. Love you-Kel

Rasmussen Forever said...

Happy belated birthday Princess Tessa. Wow! She's two already!?! Time flies, CRAZY!!! She's beautiful Maren.

Lori said...

Yeah! Birthay pics. It looks like she had an awesome birthday party, she sure looks happy. She is so darn cute.

KRISTA said...

Tessa is so beautiful (just like her mom!) Happy be-lated birthday!
Wow, two. You are so old Maren.