Thursday, January 15, 2009

Before the trip

Sponge curlers can do some amazing things, including making your kid look like Medusa. This was after church the Sunday before Christmas, so her hair had plenty of time to calm down by this point. When I took her curlers out before we left, I plopped that wreath on her to soften the curl wad look. I think it worked. She was happy. She called it her Princess Chrispas Crown. (To those of you who have known me waaay too long. Yes, that would be the the same hair wreath from our stake production of SCROOGE. Our wooden giraffe has been wearing it each Christmas.)
Okay, so this weird nose honking kiss? I don't get it either. WHAT was she doing? Giving my nose a Christmas blessing?
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Rasmussen Forever said...

Those are such cute pictures of Tessa. I love her curls, so adorable. She's a Christmas Angel.

Lori said...

She looks so beautiful in her Christmas dress and curls! Thanks for posting the pics.

Ranell and Brandon said...

Wow, those really are some tight curls. But she is still so cute! I cant wait to try out the curlers when we get some hair. Love ya!

Amber Lee said...

I LOVE her hair! It's so cute! I've tried doing that to Bailey once or twice, but it didn't turn out nearly as cute!