Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Turn them out knaves all three

We had a very happy Halloween. Gma and Gpa McBride were able to be with us for the weekend. Tessa was beyond happy, and she sobbed when they finally had to leave.
So, we were the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker at our ward's trunk or treat. I thought it was fairly easy to figure out our cotumes (or "coscomes" to Tessa). Apparently to some, it wasn't. I would like to make fun of all those people at this time. Jake has a butcher knife, an apron, and a hat that says "Joe's Butcher shop", Tessa's costume is beyond obvious, and, yes, I'm usually the more obscure one, but considering the company I was keeping plus the candles strung on me and in my apron, it's possible to figure out. Oooooooh, NOW you see. ;) Too funny.
Few understood my crazy cat lady costume from last year either.
I still love dressing up.
Jake and I have almost finished all of Tessa's trunk or treat candy. Uhhhhhh.....sorry, kid.
For Halloween lunch we ate at a place called Matito's. Mmmmmmm. My first time there.There is a dip called the Bob Armstrong that is not on the menu. I wanted a straw and a 32 oz. cup filled with the stuff so I could drink it down in record time. Heaven for my tastebuds.
I would recommend the place.
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Kelly said...

Hey cute family of mine!. I wish we could have been there too! you guys look so cute and it's good that Tessa is so attached to G-pa and G-ma it means she knows and loves them. Not always an easy thing to do when you live hundreds of miles away! You gotta love the web-cam. I guess we should chat more, so that she will cry when she leaves us! All our love-

Liz and John said...

I thought Jake was a Krispy Kreme guy until I read your comments, so you can add me to the list, I was wondering why he had a cleaver? haha
Next year we are looking forward to Grace's trick or treat candy, this year we just took pictures and went out to dinner.

The Egans said...

How creative are you?! Cute costumes! You are way too fun! I miss you!

Wacky Wild Wisor Style said...

Blog linking away and I realize "I know her!" Cute blog. And I'm glad that I wasn't the only one that thought your husband was the krispy kreme guy...I wouldn't have been salivating so much if I would've seen the knife (or WOULD I?? Meats good too...)