Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Husband Tag

Erica tagged me a couple weeks ago...sorry it takes me forever to get to things. (Insert Maren-is-always-late joke here.) I started to answer the tag questions and then remembered that I'd done this one before, or one similar to it. Jake is 32 now, but other than that...

By the way, Jake started his official 12 week training for a half marathon in February this week. If you see him, give him some encouragement or a nerdy thumbs up or something. Gooooooo, Jake!


Rasmussen Forever said...

It's o.k., still a great tag post.

Jeff said...

Good Job Jake. I keep thinking that I want to start training for a marathon. In fact I think it has been a goal of mine for each of the last few years. This year I have at least been catching treadmill time at lunch. So maybe this will be the year

Enjoy your time training. There is nothing like the feeling you have when you are seven miles into a ten mile run and you feel like you could run forever. Good luck.