Sunday, November 18, 2007

No Christmas Music until AFTER Thanksgiving

A couple weeks ago Jake and I were in the mall where Christmas had already taken over. Jake said, "Have they no respect for Thanksgiving?" The answer is no. Thanksgiving doesn't sell. Nobody, except me, will pay to have their kid's picture taken with a turkey. The end. There has been Christmas music on one radio station for at least a week. Whatever......Well, I, for one, am excited about Thanksgiving. Christmas comes soon enough. Let's take this one holiday at a time, people. Jake's parents and little brother are flying in on Tuesday morning. Yay! We're very excited to have them come. Also, I get to take my china out again this year.....the leaves are finally changing.... I love it.
Nothing earth shattering happened this week, except for my dream about a space shuttle falling into the atmosphere and exploding right above Dallas. THAT was not a normal dream for me. Jake has been upping the study time for finals and has been working on a paper about the WTO and economic development. Blech. That's been one I haven't asked him to talk to me about. I've been reading some YAF Stephenie Meyer, enjoying cooking more than usual, and trying my best to get to know my neighbors. It makes me sad that I don't know the people who live around us. We don' t have "cup of sugar" or "chat while doing yardwork" neighbors --or even neighbors who know our names. I don't know how much that can change, but I'm working on my end of it. Slowly, but surely I'm building up some nerve.
We only took one picture this week:
Her hair is starting to hang in her eyes, and I'm just not interested in a haircut right now so we've started the piggy tail stage. We had a great time this week going on walks and to the park and library with Hudson. Those two babies keep me busy, what with throwing socks in the garbage can and singing songs --I always feel like I'm laying down some serious rhythm when I start reciting "Peas Porridge" with the both of them clapping and bouncing. I'm glad Tessa gets the chance to hang out with a friend during the day time. She's not AS possessive of her things as she was a month ago. I realize that could change with the development of the word "mine" not too far off.
We send out our love to the Johnson family.
Okay, to those reading this.....what is your favorite fiction book? I'd like to know. Seriously. I want to know what you would recommend. It's time for a new book. Just FYI: I have a bunch of favorites...but three I can think of right now would be Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck, The Poisonwood Bible by Kingsolver, and Milkweed by Spinelli.


allee said...

This probably isn't the time to tell you that my tree has been up (though not completely decorated) for two weeks and White Christmas has played probably four times in the past week. Not that I don't like Thanksgiving, it is just that the Christmas tree takes so long to set up in between work and baby, that I have to start early so it is up before Christmas Eve. =)
Love the new picture of Tessa! She looks so grown up. What are you guys doing to do to celebrate her upcoming birthday?
As for a book recommendation, my all-time favorite has to be The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.
Happy Thanksgiving! Love ya!

allee said...

Do you have a bread machine? I can send an easy focaccia bread recipe to go with your soup if you want.

The Little Things said...

hey maren! well this time of year in honor of thanksgiving, I like to read the book, Chester I Love You. It is about a goose. Tessa is so big and I love the pigtail stage :) Glad you have family coming into town -- happy thanksgiving! -- Jen Jones

Miss Allison said...

Loved your comment. Especially about the dream you had! I have crazy dreams, there's always something funky going about in them.

And Miss Tessa looked adorable! What a sweetheart. She's such a good baby! How did you get so lucky?

Hmmmm...a good fiction book. I heard that The Work and The Glory was awesome. I haven't read it though but my sister read like all nine books in one summer. Did you read Harry Potter, or are you into that? I have all seven books if you would like to borrow them. A good book that isn't fiction is an old book called "The Hiding Place" about a family during WWII who helped find Jews places to live and in return got caught and sent to concentration camp. It talked about these two sisters amazing faith they had in the Lord and how it helped pull them and others through such an awful time. I have that book too if you want to borrow it as well. It is so heart touching and inspiring and a big testimony builder for me. These ladies were good Christian people with faith so large it was fascinating.

Oh yeah, if you want to do that book club that the RS is doing, you could read "A Bishop's Bride" (or "The Bishop's Bride", I can't remember). Sis Crandall said it was a hoot. She loved it.

rosebud said...

always love visiting your blog!

Elizabeth~ One earthy mama said...

Two of my favs! I loved the grapes of wrath and the poisonwood bible. I also love Cold Sassy Tree. Some others... Harry Potter, ofcourse, oh shoot, brain fart. I'll have to check the shelf when Izzy gets up.

I love the pigtails BTW!

Aaron and Lisa Stillman said...

She's getting so big! Cute! Hey so I watched Michael Jackson the other day. Sweet clothes Mr. Gangsters. :)I think it was you that convinced me that he wasn't such a bad musician if you looked at the pre-freaky years. :) It's so good to hear from you. :) Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love ya.

DustinandChristina said...

Hey Maren I have an awesome video on my website, just for you!