Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tessa's Alice Show -Sept. 2016

Tessa auditioned for Alice in Wonderland: The Panto in the spring with a  children's theater that latched on to Plano Dance Theatre for the season's show. Tessa got a small part as a talking flower and enjoyed her time with new and old friends.
Unsurprisingly, she was a total ham --which was awesome.

Tessa was also part of the jury at the end of the (long) show that didn't have speaking parts. The night that I was able to go, she got a little preoccupied with a show/game backstage and didn't notice the entire cast had gone onstage without her. Oh, my Tessa. She had a good friend there to watch her as well, and Tessa was in tears at the end. Lesson learned, m'love. Regardless, she did a great job with her speaking/singing part, and it was fun to see what she'd been working so hard on.

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