Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday, Cole! -July 2016

My scuba birthday boy. 
He sure loves the water, so what better way to celebrate than at our neighborhood pool with friends?

 Here is our attempt at a homemade chocolate light saber on a store bought cake:
I love my happy and funny and energetic kid.
Opening presents (with Eeyore, of course):

Feed the inquisitiveness:

Cutie sister:

Legos are the best (unless they are on the floor):

He'd wanted a Magic 8 Ball for a while. My favorite is when he didn't like an answer I gave, he'd ask the Magic 8 Ball, AS IF that would trump Mom. Wrong-o.

I bought Cole a poop emoji cup because I knew it would make him laugh. Sure enough:

In the few days that followed, the big seven year old lost a tooth.

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