Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Jensens came to town! Sept. 2015

We try for an annual visit with our friends the Jensens. This year felt like it may have to go by the wayside with a new baby at our house, but the Jensens, being as awesome as they are, came out to stay with us. Hooray! The kids get bigger, but it's just as easy to have fun and hang out with Alan and Dianna as it always was. That's a definite sign of solid and treasured friendship.
We decided to do things in Dallas that we wouldn't otherwise.
One of those things was to visit the Dallas Aquarium:
 We had a great time. There was more to see than just aquatic life, and there was plenty of that as well.
 Naomi and Sadie are really close in age, which is fun. Naomi loved our dress ups and insisted on wearing this tutu to the aquarium. We get it. We've had plenty of those days too. Plus, it's a great tutu.

 I've said it before, and I'll say it again --Sadie is a cartoon version of herself. I could sit and watch her all day and be completely entertained.

 The manatee!

 In the tunnel of sharks...

 Sadie's face. I'm telling you.

 During nap time one day, Alan and Jake took the oldest kids to Kidmania. ALL of them had a blast winding through the netted tunnels and going down slides.
We went to have dinner at Medieval Times! This was late for kids, but so worth it.
All the children in front of the castle:
A few who didn't mind posing with the king and his creepy beard:
 Our side of the long table:
Go Blue Knight!!!
Dianna, Peter, and Isaac.
 Dressup play at home:
Some down time after the Plano Balloon Festival breakfast at the Black's home.
 We also took plenty of advantage of our neighborhood pool.
We had yet another wonderful visit with our friends and look forward to next time.
Tuckered out from all the fun:

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djensen said...

Another wonderful visit! The boys still talk about the knights! Thanks again for letting us crash your house, we so look forward to next year, hope you had a wonderful Christmas!