Friday, August 28, 2015

March 2015

Minnie Mouse:
 Superman with Princess Mermaid in a loving headlock:
 Tessa's first sewing project on her machine! She made a pillow! And, in true Tessa fashion, she promptly gave it away.
Some kind of open house evening at the school. So glad Dad likes to cover these things since I can't.
 Jake's Wipeout 5k. He did it with a couple of buddies and had a good time.

Also, we had an ultrasound in March and found out that we were having a boy. I thought for sure it was a girl, so it took me by surprise. But then again, I thought for sure Sadie would be a boy, so what do I know? Paige and Sadie came with us that morning to the doctor's office while Cole and Tessa were at school. Sadie was clueless, but Paige understood for the most part. Somehow I kept her quiet when we picked the oldest two from school so I could announce it to them on camera. Dad really wanted to see their reaction, and I was not going to be able to hold Paige off for long. I have an awesome video of this, but Blogger has some big issue with me posting it (too large?). Anyhow, on it, I have all the kids on the stairs. I have Paige tell them that we're having a boy, and when they finally catch on to it being the truth, it's priceless. Cole is so excited. He says that he knew all along that we were going to have a boy since, "God knows we have enough girls," but the the reassurance was nice!

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