Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tessa's Spring Show: Wizard of Oz-- After Dorothy

This year's spring show was a twist on Wizard of Oz. Tessa was a munchkin and a poppy dancer. She has a great time with these shows, and we're grateful for PDT and the wonderful teachers and students there. 
In the dressing room for dress rehearsal:

 Supportive sibbies:
 This year, Jake volunteered as one of the parents in the show. He had a really fun time stepping back onto the stage and helping with the show. He (and I) especially liked that he could share this show with Tessa. But, even when it's for the stage, it feels very odd putting mascara your husband...
 Cole was my date to the show. He and I shared some popcorn and had a lovely time. He especially enjoyed the creepy poppies and the witch.
 Cole brought flowers for Tessa and was so proud of her.
 She's so cute.

Anna came with our friend Dee to see the matinee and the gals went for ice-cream afterward. I love these silly little ladies.


Lori said...

Awww Tessa, she's so pretty. What a fun event! Cole is such a sweet brother, love those faces.

djensen said...

Fun! She looks so grown up, when did that happen!