Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas morning!
Before going out to see what Santa brought, the kids were gathered for pictures:

 I love this picture. The one eye staring at the camera makes me laugh.
 Paige enjoying her teething butterfly:
 Jake gave me an iPad (Jake!), so Cole was checking it out with me while Tessa took pictures and videos of it with her new camera. (Santa could have not done any better than that camera. Tessa LOVES that thing. The difficulty is that Cole loves it too.)
 Grandma Lori (there she is via Skype!) gave Cole an Iron Man costume. I tried on the mask.
 He looked studly with his rippling muscles and wrist repulsor:
 It snowed. It snowed on Christmas in Texas. How crazy is that?! The kids were thrilled and went out to play in it with their dad. I stayed inside because snow is cold.
 We got a new camera, so we spent some time playing with it.
We had a lovely and laid back Christmas. What?! It's three and we're still in PJ's?!?
We were able to web cam chat with all three sets of grandparents and the Talbots in England as well.
We are so blessed and grateful to have awesome family and friends. It was a very Merry Christmas at our house.

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