Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fun in Mesquite

Jake's parents came to visit, and, as always, we had a great time with them. We bought tickets to take them to the rodeo and concert festival in Mesquite one night. Besides music, there was a small car show, carnival rides patooey!, and Texas vendors. The car show had quite the assortment of vehicles (I still have a hard time thinking about cars made in the 1980's as "vintage"). Among all the classic cars, they had a brand new Chevy Traverse out. I promptly got inside and dreamed about owning it.
Here's proof we were there:

Bubs got a new hat. I wasn't really going for the chin strap in the beginning, but then I realized the benefits of him not taking off the hat and dropping it wherever we go. Chin strap it is. Here he is showing it off......like a Glamour Shot photo minus the foofy hair.

Okay, this was cool. This vehicle is a 1903 Oldsmobile. As I was admiring it from behind the rope, Tessa asked if she could go sit in it. I explained how it wasn't ours to touch as the owner came strolling up with his nachos. He was a sweet old man who told us that the car had been passed down in the family since it was new. Awesome. After explaining some of the work he has had to do on it, he offered to let Tessa sit in it so I could take a picture. Woot! Tessa got to sit in a car that is over a century old. I have no clue why the owner felt the need to go grab a polar bear wearing Mardi Gras beads to be in the picture with her, but I wasn't going to question it. He was being mighty generous.

Convertible! This baby can get up to 23 miles an hour.

We had dinner soon after from a BBQ stand. I'm pretty sure that was the healthiest thing there. I heard mention of fried Nutter Butters, but I resisted.

Jake insisted that Tessa get to go on one of the rides and reminded me that just because I think carnival rides are the nastiest piles on the planet, that it doesn't mean my kids do. Good point, Hub. She was very excited to ride on the Carousel, just like Mary Poppins.

We made our way to the Resistol Arena for the rodeo:

I will be visiting this place again someday. I love rodeos. We had to leave after about 2/3 of the rodeo since the kids were already up way past their bedtime and showing it, but we still had a good time with what we were able to see.

I think I need cowgirl boots.


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Heck yes you do. And make 'em red ones.

Marilyn said...

I'm with you on the barf rides - worst invention ever. How is it that Steve always has to mug for the camera? When we were kids, he would stick something in his nose just as the shutter clicked. Nasty.

rosebud said...

I miss seeing your cute family each week -- so glad for blogs!! You guys are great hosts... I think I'm going to come spend the night and pretend I'm "visiting" so you'll take me out and show me a good time! :)