Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tessa's Birthday Pics

She had already opened the gifts from grandparents, thus the Snow White headband and fairy skirt. :)
Her main gift was a bin with "dressing ups" in it. This girl loves costumes and had just a couple that she was always putting on. (And the after Halloween sale was perfect.)
Jake's favorite:
"I don't know who Dorothy is, but maybe she'd pose like this!"
Along with these, she also got a "Mulan dress." She was so excited about her dress up bin and can't wait to have friends over to play.
She requested a pink birthday cake with sprinkles. That's it. After weeks of making it sound like she wanted a huge art project of a cake, she settle on a pink cake. Can do, sister. So, we sang to her and watched her scrape off all that pink frosting into her mouth. She might have had a bite of actual cake. Maybe I'll just get her a tub of icing next year in place of the cake.


djensen said...

How fun, I can just see the dress up parties already! Love the Dorothy pose-that must be after meeting the wicked witch. :)

Kelly said...

Bring it on flying monkeys! you will never get past Dorthy! Happy late birthday Tessa. Sorry we are such lame relatives. I love all the dress ups and wish I could come play dress ups with you right now. You are such a beautiful girl and have the best little personality. Love you, Aunt Kelly.

Lori said...

She's the fairest one of all, no matter what she's wearin'!

Maranda said...

All of that dress up stuff is every little girls dream!

I love that baby pic of your little Tessa. Those chubby little cheeks are to die for:)

Wendy Peay said...

ok your daughter definitely has your personality! i love the dorothy pose =)