Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It was worth a try.

During our trip I'll get to that eventually Jake reminded me of a funny story I'd like to share with you. It's a Looking Back segment with a Halloween theme. Works on two levels! High fives all around.
You know those Phantoms or Boo's that are sent around at Halloween? ....So we're all on the same page: You get a picture of a ghost, instructions, and a plate of treats from an anonymous sender. Then, you are supposed to hang the picture in an obvious place so you don't get another one. Then, you secretly give a new picture, instructions, and a treat to a different person.

So, when Jake was going to Utah State and living in a house with other upstanding goofballs (Shout out to Raymond Court! Woot!), they decided it would be a great idea to work this Halloween treat system to its utmost.
The boys got the copies of the phantoms and instructions, bought the cheapest wafer cookie junk they could, and dropped off several phantoms/boos throughout the area to homes where girls they hung out with lived. The idea was to get as many really good treats delivered to their door as possible (of course the girls would automatically think of the Raymond Court boys in their treat giving!). The boys planned to never hang up the phantom picture and continue to reap the sweet benefits through the Halloween season as unsuspecting girls dropped treats off on their doorstep.
Only they didn't get any treats back from it.
Not one.
Serves them right.
I still have to admire the idea.
Plus, it cracks me up.


Angie said...

That's hilarious!

adrienne said...

I asked Jeff about this, and he apparently has no recollection of any such event happening at Raymond Court. ;)

Marilyn said...

Justice is served!

Krista said...

I still have my "We've been Booed" picture sitting on my counter (from a week ago) in hopes that we would be the recipients of more treats. Apparently I'm not the only one to try this and be dissapointed!

Wendy Peay said...

That is super funny. Poor guys...but yup, serves them right!

Emily said...

Funny, I just got boo'd tonight, only I saw the person as they were leaving it and thought they were going to try ringing our broken doorbell, so I opened the door. They looked a little sheepish. I think especially because the poem talked about pumpkin poop. Woops!

Shanna said...

That's hilarious! We got boo'ed, and I obligingly went out and got some really cute stuff to give out...only the weather turned ugly! I mean snow, wind, frigid temps, the works! It was too cold to go out at night! So the treats sat on my counter...and now it's Nov 6th, and I still have them on my counter! We did get boo'ed again, and I made Ben wait til the next day before we could put the ghost up. I didn't want the 2nd boo'ers to feel bad! Love ya Maren!!!

Amber Lee said...

That is hilarious. I'm very impressed with their ingenuity, but you're right. Serves them right. :-)