Monday, June 8, 2009

Some pics from the San Antonio trip

On the way to San Antonio, we dropped by Baylor University to see/guess where Jake's grandpa took some classes as part of his military training before heading to Europe during WWII.
The Riverwalk in San Antonio. Love the ambiance.

The Alamo.
Other Spanish missions in the area (I really could have posted a ton more pictures. These places were awesome. We highly recommend.)Some guy napping at one of the missions.
Sea World.
Hotel swimming pool.

Japanese Gardens.
New Braunfels....and yummy streudel.
State capitol in Austin.
These are really just a few of the loads of pictures we took.
I've never had a more relaxing vacation in my life. What a fantastic graduation gift from Jake's parents.


Krista said...

You are so lucky, and I am so jealous. It looks like there was a ton to see and do. I am glad you got to relax and have a good time. You guys deserve it.

Wendy Peay said...

YAY for vacations-but why is it when you get back, you need another one? LOVE the baby belly-you look so FABULOUS!!

mary said...

I love Tessa's performance! I love her free style and confidence. What a cutie! We sure miss you all!