Monday, February 16, 2009

The Magnificent 8 Tag

Yes, Andrea, over a month later. :)

8 favorite TV shows:
1. The Office
2. Biggest Loser
3. 30 Rock
4. The Bachelor (how embarrassing)
6. Clean House
7. E! True Hollywood Story or Cops
8. Sesame Street (ahhhh, mommy quiet time)

9. So You Think You Can Dance? I can't believe I forgot that one!!! It's my summer show.

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Went to church
2. Taught a YW lesson
3. Web cammed it with two sets of Tessa's grandparents
4. Chatted with Jake
5. Read more of my current book
6. Heated up leftovers for dinner
7. Got snazzy with Tessa's hair
8. Chatted with a friend

8 Things to Look Forward To:
1. Jake's graduation in May!
2. Tessa's grandparents visiting
3. San Antonio with the in-laws
4. My 30th birthday
5. Our new lil' baby debuting in July
6. Jake's job starting in August
7. When Tessa is potty trained
8. Having my car's AC fixed

8 Favorite Restaurants (um, going to ANY restaurant is a treat for me)
1. Red Robin
2. Settebello
3. Cafe Rio
4. That soup, salad, and sandwich joint in East SLC. The name starts with a "Z" and I have only been there once, but mmmmmmmm.
5. Braza Grill (this is sad that 4 of the 5 places so far are only in Utah)
6. Spring Creek Barbeque
7. Corner Bakery
8. There are a lot of really good Mexican restaurants here, so I'll just toss that one out there.

8 Things on my Wish List:
1. To magically have Jake's school all paid for
2. Taking dance classes
3. A nice roomy vehicle
4. To have my living room painted back to a more subtle color
5. Ice cream
6. A happy, healthy pregnancy and result
7. Flowers in my front yard that I can actually keep alive
8. Travel

8 people I want to tag:
Anyone with the number 8 related to their birthday at all.


Krista said...

Do you know yet what that "happy healthy" baby is going to be yet? I love that most of your favorite restaurants are only in Utah, maybe you will crave them so much you'll come back more often. (Wishful thinking on my part, I know.)

Krista said...

Hee hee, I have been up since 2:00am, and apparently I like the word yet when I am tired.

rosebud said...

The Bachelor?!?????!hmmm....

I do miss those E True Hollywood Stories though!!

Angie said...

THose were so fun to read!!! That is so exciting about Jake graduating!! Yeah for him!! And your 30th wow it is a big one!!

Wendy Peay said...

Haha I guess I am off the hook for the tag 4/19/1979 no 8's any where. But yeah for new babies and graduations and umm...gulp 30th birthday. I guess I don't look forward to that as much as you do!