Thursday, October 9, 2008


I want to turn something in to a state fair one day and win a big
blue ribbon. What makes a fair a fair for me are the competitions. They are easy to look over with all the other big attractions fighting for attention, but I'm so glad we found the handicraft building so we could check out this year's winners. I wanted to share a few:

There were incredible quilts.

Um, these are some seriously stitched up bunnies... ...

I thought the knit/crocheted baby clothes were cool, not so much for Barbie in the corner, but overall I was impressed. I would love to learn to knit, or know how to crochet more than a rectangle. By the way, what is that crocheted tube thing for? It won a second place, but what is it?


Marilyn said...

Did they have any crocheted cowboy boots?

The Godfrey's said...

for sure a plastic bag holder. And for Marilyn I have a pair of knitted cowboy boots.

Rasmussen Forever said...

I love those competitions too. It's fun to see all the talent that the town has. You got awesome pictures.