Tuesday, May 6, 2008

All the World's a Stage

There is a grocery store I go to in between big shopping trips. It's close by, and I can get in and out of there fairly quickly. There is a cashier there who I really didn't appreciate at first. I didn't like how he commented on my purchases loud enough for the store to hear. I tend to keep to myself and my business, so when others don't have the same social boundaries or inhibitions, it can take me off guard until I know what to expect. One of my favorite interactions with this guy went as follows:
Guy: Okay, that'll be $9.11.
Me: Okay.
Guy: Whoa. That's awkward. (lowering his volume) Yeah. Wow. This is really awkward.
Me: Hmm.
Guy: Yeah. 9-11. (avoiding eye contact) Phew! This is really awkward.
Me: Hmph. (handing him my money and thinking...yeah, it's getting awkward alright.)
Me again: Okay, thanks. Bye.
So I went home, after giggling about it in my car, and related the story to Jake.
Every time I go to this store, if he's working, I end up in this guy's line. Once I wondered if I had the energy to have him ring me up, so I gravitated toward another line. But there he was, practically jumping up and down, waving his arms to get me over to his conveyer belt. I've now reached a point where I go to his line just to see what he'll say next. I look forward to it. My last interaction for example:
After explaining to me why he preferred 2% milk (something about how he doesn't eat much and he's pretty skinny so he can go for the 2%)...
Guy: Is it okay if I put this (spaghetti sauce jar) in with this (bananas)?
Me: I'd actually prefer if you didn't so the bananas don't get bruised.
Guy: (only slightly quieter) Fine, I'll waste another bag.
So I grinned and offered to go without a bag for the milk to make up for it.
Even though he's not winning any prizes for politeness, I can't help but like him.


Rasmussen Forever said...

Hi Maren, it's Christie, you probably don't remember who I am, but I found your blog through Ashley's, I hope you don't mind. I just wanted to say hi and that I'm glad that you and your cute family are doing well. It's good to see old friends doing well. Take care.


George said...

Jake, good to hear from you I was just in Logan last week for USU graduation and strolled up to the ASUSU offices. I tried to break into the senate chambers to see our picture but I didn't try hard enough. It brought back lots of fun memories. We like Texas an will probably be here another year or so. I thought your pictures of the bluebonnets were great.


Talbot Family said...

I just want you to take a thing of Tampons up. Please! I would love to see his expression as he rings them through. OR "HMMMM, we have a price check on isle 3. Looks like we have some super absorbancy plus tampons without a skew up here." Wow, wouldn't that be something?

Darcy said...

you may have to publish your blog messages someday...you're a great writer...I can just see steam coming out of Jake's ears as you guys had to deal with the cable co. Glad all is taken care of...what's next? Love you much Mom McBride