Friday, February 15, 2008



We had a really nice Valentime. I decided that the tradition I would like to start is having a Valentine themed dinner. That would be something for kids to look forward to. So for this year, I made heart shaped artichoke heart pizzas. We had Caesar salad with hearts of Romaine lettuce. I cut strawberries to look like hearts, and then I also dipped some whole strawberries into melted Dove heart chocolates. There you go. That's the best I could do. I had fun putting it all together. It was pretty food -for us.

We have some friends who we trade a couple of date night hours with sometimes, and they wanted to hang out with Tessa last night. So, Jake and I packed our Valentine dinner into our underused picnic basket, sent Tessa to her friend's house with a mini heart shaped pizza for dinner, and went to a park. It was pleasant enough outside to spread a blanket and picnic.

I love my hubby. We have a lot of fun together as a family, but we sometimes forget how nice it is to have just the two of us get out.
Here's some Valentine sappiness for ya- A few of my favorite things about my husband:
1. He makes me laugh and is not afraid to be silly
2. He wants so many good things for me and our child(ren).
3. I can talk to him about the most random things-- I love our nighttime pre-sleep conversations.
4. His crazy songs, especially the ones he makes up for Tessa
5. His hugs are the best
6. He's a good helper

Tessa is getting a lot better at walking and is using it for her preferred method of locomotion instead of a secondary one, like before. It's starting to smooth out and look a little less Bride of Frankentsteinesque. She likes hats. When I took out the camera on this particular day, she wanted to wear a red hat to play instead of the blue plastic bowl she usually chooses.
The other video Jake took right before her bed time. Apparently she would look down to get a toy then tip back to get the milk flowing again. It was up, down, up, down. He didn't get to the camera in time to catch that, but I wanted to show her walking.


Mary said...

Classic! I love it when you finailly get the video camera out and start to tape, they walk away. Too cute! Tessa is a walking pro. Simone just did a chear for you, "TEEEESSSSSAAAA TEEEESSSSAAAA!"

Haskins said...

I love your valentine dinner, I think that would be such a cute tradition to start and I love that you love all those things about your husbands so cute!! Tessa looks so cute in her outfit!

The Farrell Family said...

Cute V Day dinner. Very festive of you. I love it. See, Valentines is a fun holiday!

Christina said...

You creative devil you. How cute!

rosebud said...

how cute! I am so jealous! I think I'm going to start a new tradition next year (yummy pizza!)

Miss Allison said...

How neat! I loved your heart shaped pizza. What a good idea to have a Valentine themed dinner. I was really boring this year. I bought the kids some candy and allowed them to eat it all so that they wouldn't be bothering me anymore for it. My kids always know when there's candy around and won't leave me alone until it is gone.

Tessa looks so cute in her little red hat! And she's getting to be such a good walker!

By the way, your hubby gave a good talk in church yesterday.

Matt Melissa and Gabe said...

You know what really gets me? the idea that you can go outside... it is only -25 outside today with the windchill... grrr!

Aaron and Lisa said...

Hey chica! I like your Valentine idea. Cute. Tessa is the cutest little thing. Aaron says she has your big eyes. :) I don't think your sappiness was too sappy. Valentine Sweetness. :) Miss ya!

The Little Things said...

way to go Maren! you always were creative and I have to say i was reading your mushy valentine stuff about Jake (very cute) and I was remembering the camping trip we took to Logan and it made me laugh! We were watching homestar runner the other day and I was thinking of that day you lisa and i sat and watched strong bad e-mails because no one wanted to move - good times!
I may be coming to Houston in March - are you really far from there?

Aaron and Lisa said...

:) I was thinking of the Home Star Runner days myself the other day? Does Jake still have the gift we gave him? :)Were the girls "all up on". Haha. Poor Jake. I thought about the camping trip too when I was reading the Valentine entry. :) Funny how things change, huh? Miss you guys!
love ya

aaron & allee said...

Mason and I were watching your videos today and after he saw the last one he was also calling, "Tessa, Tessa..."