Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Bachelor Life

Well, Maren and Tessa have been in Utah and Idaho for the last week and a half while I've been at home in Texas all alone. It's been a long sad week without my two girls here to keep me company.
So to protest the unfair week and a half that they had extra of vacation, I decided to go without shaving for that time. I Kinda think the beard makes me look tough.
However, since Maren won't come near me without a clean shaven face, I'm going to shave it tonight before I go to bed.
Well, Happy New Year from me to all of our friends out there. Off to shave and to finish a little clean-up of the house before Maren gets back tomorrow.
- Jake
P.S. Being alone for that long stinks. I am excited to hold my girls again tomorrow.


Mindy said...

Jake, you crack me up. I did notice the facial hair on Sunday and figured it was ONLY because the girls were gone. I prefer Chris with a clean shaven face, too! You don't look so tough, though with the sad expression in the first picture! Glad the girls are finally back!

Mohammed said...

Kind Sir:
Please to let me share with you my thoughts about your stated idea - facial hairs making you look the tougher. As I make study of therapeutical significance of daily shaving and propensity for HCV infection, allow for me to strongly suggest to you that the daily shave is a most beneficial practice, clinically considered. At the one time, sir, it is perhaps best to practice daily shavings at home, ensuring mostly the cleaner tools of yourself and your girls. In addition, may I refer to you the recent tragedy of Mme. Bhutto, who favored to get the out-of-doors professional close shave once too many. If you are interested, I have author of a paper related to this topical consideration, that you can see thus (Tropical Medicine & International Health, Volume 6 Issue 9 Page 732-738, September 2001). Besides, kind sir, permit me to share to you the agreed upon opinion of the entire surgical staff and faculties of the Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Department of Community Health Sciences, The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan, to which is this agreement, the facial hairs do not have the effect of look of tough, but rather of the sloppy man in your most kind person. We hope these thoughts are very happily received in the spirit that they come offered.

Your most affection assistant in this important matter,

Mohammad H. Rahbar, M.D.
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Maren said...

Ha ha ha ha! I don't have any idea how he got our blog address, but that's what Jake gets for posting his hairy mug on the blog! Ha, ha! Poor "sloppy man".

Matt and Melissa said...

Jake, I kinda like the tough man look. I bet even Maren liked looking at it. I think Matt should shave every day, but I am lucky if I get two times a week... way to set a good example!

Aaron and Lisa said...

Poor sad Jake. :) Happy New Year, y'all!

Natalie said...

Hey McBride family! I'm not sure if you remember us but this is Natalie Mason- from Santa Fe apartments! I found your blog on Melissa and Matt's blog. Your little girl is so cute. It sounds like you are doing well in Texas. Bryan is almost done with his 2nd year of school and is loving it. We have two little girls now- Niah and Chloe. We have a blog if you want to check it out.

rosebud said...

OK, Jake, if I take the kids to Utah again this summer and you see David sporting facial hair -- ask him over for dinner! You'll know what he's going through!! (O:

allee said...

Jake, I had to laugh at your blog because Aaron is feeling the same way since Mason and I are still with my family. I laughed even harder when I read Dr. Rahbar's comment about why you should keep up the daily ritual with the razor. Hope all is well with you guys!