Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday, Tessa!

Okay, backing up to Friday... We got Tessa's 1 year picture and a new family picture done. We went to JC Penney's. Why? Because we have COUPONS from there. I hope I never have to use a reason like that again. Jake strongly suggested that next time we head somewhere else. The appt. was for 4:40. The place was packed. Hot, sweaty, and filled with impatient people. We finally got into a studio at 5:20. We started with all three of us. Mr. Photographer put us in a few different positions, counted to three each time, and then when he was completely finished with the number of pictures he could take of us, he asked, "Is there a way to get her to smile?" He didn't even try!!! She was sitting patiently in my lap or in front of me the whole time with her mouth hanging open, staring at Mr. Photo who didn't even care to attempt to get her to look pleasant. So...onto the Tessa solo pictures. Mr. Photo immediately asked if we would get behind him to get her to smile. Sure. No prob. He took a couple pictures of her sitting and then wanted to know if she could stand on her own. Not on demand, not yet. So, he found a crate for her to hold onto while standing. She was excited and kept leaning down to swipe her hand around the inside of the crate, meanwhile Jake and I were dancing around in the background to get her to look our way. After a couple more shots, Mr. P looked up at me and asked if she would be able to hold a sign that said, "I am 2."
I responded, "But she's only one."
His slow and irritated answer - "It's a small sign. It says I, then has the letter M and a 2." At that point, my face twisted in every direction trying to figure out if I was missing out on some joke or if he was serious. I don't think he liked my "seriously, pal?" look, so he hurriedly said, "We've got a birthday cake she can hold."
"No thanks. I'd rather just have her in the picture." Done and done.
Forty more minutes and other background stress later, our pictures were uploaded for us to choose from. Meh. They'll work.
I'm grateful I got to go to the temple that night. I needed it.

Saturday morning I ran the ward 5K! And, I made pretty good time for me. Jake even ran most of it with Tessa in her stroller. Yay, Jake! I didn't expect him to do that. Our ward is awesome.
Afterward we went to the first birthday party of the little boy I watch during the week. She teaches gymnastics at the school where I used to teach so she was able to bring some mats home to fill a room where all the babies and toddlers played. I want a room filled with mats.

Jake and I decided on Sunday afternoon we should have the birthday cake and presents that evening since Jake still had to deal with school most of Monday. I made Tessa a funfetti strawberry jello cake with Cool Whip on top. We forgot to take the cake out of the pan before we poured the liquid jello on it and then I thought I could write her name with the food coloring tube in our cupboard too if I just did it lightly. It's a good thing she won't remember this cake. It wasn't cute. At least it tasted good. With grandparents on cell phones, we sang a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday and let her dig in. Oh, and the birthday crown was a last minute attempt to cover the awesome nap hair for pictures. I don't exactly win the prize for this party, but my little girl had fun --which is all that matters.

TL McBride Stats:

weight- 9lbs. 1oz.
height- 20.5 in.
approx 90th percentile for both

weight- 21lbs. 13oz.
height- 30 in.
approx 70th percentile for height and 55th for weight


Mary said...

Happy Birthday Tessa!
I loved the video, it looked like she was handing you a piece. What a sweetheart! Cake looked delicous, hope you saved me a piece.

Lori said...

How cute! She is so sweet. She was offering you some of her birthday cake. She was so excited about her rocking horse. Thank you for putting the videos up. They are precious. Almost like being there, except for the hugs. Love you guys. Grandma Lori

allee said...

I love the rocking horse video! Happy birthday, cutie!

Mindy said...

How cute! Glad she had a fun time! WE should come over and see the horse!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday Tessa! I can't wait till I see you in a couple of weeks on Christmas! What flavor was your cake? It looked good. See you soon.



Mary said...

Maren, I have to comment on your lovely Mr. Photo, We've had him too! He must have moved recently. I love how after waiting at least an hour they expect the child to smile automatically without any effort. And what's with the props they push, maybe they get extra money for every prop they use per photo. But I really wrote to tell you how darling Tessa is. She is such a cutie, I love her rocking. Can't wait to see her!

DustinandChristina said...

Fun Pictures, I love birthdays I am glad the cake turned out to Tessa's I finally answered your tag!
actually I convinced Dust to do it!